Scabies Treatment

This page outlines the most common prescribed scabies treatments by medical professionals.

Scabies treatment involves a two step process with the first step killing the scabies mites and eggs on the body and the second being to kill the scabies mites and eggs in the environment.

This process is harder than it seems because scabies mites and eggs are microscopic and despite some information found online, the eggs are hard to kill and remain viable for some time away from the human body.

Scabies Treatments to the Body

The recommended prescribed treatment involves the use of insecticides applied to the body. There a few different types available, but they all seek to kill the scabies mites and their eggs.

The insecticidal lotion is applied all over the body from the top of the neck down and left on the body for up to 24 hours. This has to be repeated again a week later. However, even then scabies eggs can still survive this process and it may have to be repeated again.

Here are the common insecticides used.

1. Permethrin– This is a general insecticide found in many household sprays. It does a good job killing adult scabies mites but some eggs may not be affected. People can have sensitivity to permethrin so care is recommended when using. It is also believed that too much exposure to permethrin can cause certain types of cancers.

2. Lindane– This insecticide  is also effective in killing scabies but can cause seizures in some people. It also has been linked to causing cancer. Many countries have banned its use because of the risks involved.

3. Malathion– This treatment was originally used for head lice but has also been prescribed for scabies. It is supposed to do a better job at killing the eggs as well, but unfortunately some eggs still survive. Malathion can cause headaches and nausea in some people.

4. Ivermectin– This pill is sometimes given if people aren’t responding to the topical treatments. However, because of the pills potential side effects it isn’t recommended.

Scabies Treatments to the Home Environment

Top get rid of scabies and scabies eggs from the living environment is a difficult process. Everything must be washed with hot water and dried in a hot dryer. Ironing is also recommended.

In addition to this, vacuuming the surroundings and washing and changing bed linens frequently is recommended. Anything that can’t be washed must be placed in plastic bags and sealed for several weeks.

Anyone in close intimate contact with the person infected should also undergo treatment.


Overall, the treatment of scabies is a difficult process and often people struggle for months to get completely rid of them while some even struggle for years. As for me, I had to use 4 separate applications of Malathion as well as spot treatments if I felt a “hot spot”. Not to mention the many loads of laundry I had to do as I couldn’t quite break the cycle.

It wasn’t until I began to experiment with natural remedies that I experienced total relief. I’ve put those treatments as well as what I believe to be the best treatment that is 100% natural and safe in my New Natural Scabies Treatment Report. Relief is possible and without poisoning your body.

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