Neem Oil as a Scabies Remedy

By | April 2, 2012

neem-oil-scabiesThis remedy is derived from the neem tree that grows in India. The tree is part of the mahogany family and has many uses in Indian culture.

One of the many uses for the tree is Neem oil which is extracted from the fruit and seeds of the tree.

It has over 20 compounds in it that works as an insecticide as well as an anti-fungal agent.

How to Use Neem Oil

The neem oil doesn’t kill the scabies mite quickly, but interferes with its life processes, which eventually causes it to starve and unable to reproduce.

Neem oil can be applied to the scabies infected areas, but would be a good idea to apply the oil over the whole body. Neem oil is safe for external use, but again, a small area of the skin should be tested for possible allergies.

Leave the oil on the skin for as long as possible and avoid getting it in your mouth or eyes. Neem oil is high in Vitamin E and good fats so it will help sooth your itchy skin and treat secondary infections.

Reapply as necessary.

Where to Find Neem Oil

There are different kinds of neem oil available in herbal stores and online.

Some are meant to be used outdoors as an insecticide, so make sure you are buying quality neem oil that’s meant to be used safely on the human body.

If buying online you can purchase it from trusted sources like Amazon by clicking here.

Neem oil has also been an effective remedy for treating head lice as well for scabies.

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