Do Clean People Get Scabies?

By | July 1, 2011

I think one of the reasons it took me so long to get help for my scabies outbreak was because I couldn’t possibly believe that I could get scabies.

I’m a clean person and I have excellent hygiene. I thought only the homeless and people in third world countries could get scabies, not me living in my clean middle class environment.

I couldn’t have been more wrong and it made me confront some of my prejudges, also leaving me very humble. If I could get scabies, then I know anyone can. It’s just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scabies is a communicable disease and unlike blood-borne illness, scabies can be transmitted actually much easier.

Using public toilets, the gym, not properly cleaned hotel rooms etc. could all be areas that someone with scabies could have left some scabies eggs behind. It is commonly believed that you only get scabies from direct, prolong contact with another infected person, but I can attest that I contracted scabies from an environmental source.

I wasn’t in contact with anyone that was infected and I know this for a fact. I think the chances of contracting scabies mites the way I did is rare, but it can happen. I just wish that I would have been able to admit to myself that a clean person like me could have scabies because then I could have gotten help much sooner.

I’ll never forget the months I spent in itching agony because I thought that there was no way a clean person like me could get scabies. Well, I’m scabies free and I love to use my experiences to help others so that’s why I built this site. I hope it helps and if you were like me, a clean person living in denial about having scabies, I encourage you to get to your doctor and get diagnosed so that you can get help as quickly as possible.

Nurses are relied upon to know so much more intricate details than the average medical professional. Something likes scabies won’t make it to a surgeon’s table, but a nurse deals with it daily. Hence the reason online nursing schools are stressing the simplest ailments now more than ever.

4 thoughts on “Do Clean People Get Scabies?

  1. Cynthia

    I had the sores, itching and a secondary infection on my left knee that just exploded! Saw the first doctor he said it was fungal, saw a second health care professional, she said it was folliculitis (remember, they are looking at the secondary infection and ignoring the fact that I had itchy sores all over), third doctor said it was fungal and use fungal lotion on the site. Forth doctor was a dermatologist and said it was a bacterial infection and put me on bactrim. NO ONE diagnosed me with the real problem even after showing them my sores and telling them how itchy I was. I used the anti fungal for three weeks, all the time probably infecting tons of people. It wasn’t until I self diagnosed myself by looking it up on the internet, and found scabies information, and I’m like…OMG that’s what I have! I immediately went to an Urgent Care clinic, walked in and told the doctor I had scabies and I needed to be treated ASAP. I’ve been suffering with this for two months and had to diagnose myself. Even the doctor at the clinic seemed confused and wasn’t sure what it was. I told her to just give me the prescription for the lotion! I’ve treated myself twice back to back just to make sure I get all of the little critters. I am so grossed out from this, I don’t remember how I contracted it, but it wasn’t from anyone in my family or close contact. They are all fine. The only places I could think of is the gym or from a toilet seat. I will always use paper on my toilet seat (I do sometimes but I’m bad about it). I’m done with the gym which is really convenient since I didn’t feel like working out anyway. I hate the stigma attached to this, my family is like
    “ew aren’t you clean????”. I even read on a few websites that poor personal hygiene is a major cause. I have great personal hygiene which goes to show anyone can get it. Doctors need to be more informed on this so they can recognize it when they see it.

  2. Mike

    I’m afraid I’ve been exposed to scabies. It’s been over 3 weeks since the event. Would there be any early signs? I’m analyzing every itch and every tingle. I’m going mad over this. Any advice?

  3. john sztucki

    has anyone tried the capsules of clove oil,black walnut husks and wormwood method i got the damn things bad since mid december and tea tree oil, benzol benzoate,eurax cream,garlic and course of lyclear with permethrin so far failed to clear for any decent length of time 2 to 3 days at most and am now waiting for ivermectin prescription to arrive and while waiting trying chinese creams off ebay and concocting own mix of tea tree oil,lavender oil,clove oil mixed 1 to 1 with almond carrier oil to see if does any good,ps and changing and washing clothes and bedclothes daily


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