Scabies Symptoms

scabies-symptomsWith so many skin conditions and allergies that exist, scabies can often go unnoticed or undiagnosed for weeks.

What’s worse no one wants to admit or consider the possibility that they have scabies because of the stigma attached to the disease.

Even doctors may try other treatments first before they are even convinced you have contracted scabies. In any event, this page will help you determine whether or not you have scabies or some other skin ailment.

Extreme Itching

One of the tell tale signs of scabies is extreme itching. I mean itching that is so severe that it keeps you up at night and makes you want to scratch your skin off. No matter how much a person scratches the itching remains.

The itching is worse at night and after taking a hot shower. Some relief is found by taking antihistamines but this only covers the symptoms as the itching is caused by the scabies mite defecating and laying eggs under the skin.

The itching and scratching from scabies can also cause open sores on the body resulting in secondary bacterial or fungal infections. It’s also important to know that people respond differently to scabies based on the severity of the allergic reaction.


While some say that scabies will be more common on the hands and feet, this isn’t always true. Scabies rash can occur anywhere on the body below the neck. Have a look at our scabies pics to see examples of the rash.

The rash can be quite severe or mild depending on your allergic reaction to the scabies mites. In my case, I was misdiagnosed in the beginning because the rash was mild, though the itching was severe. The doctor thought it was something else because it didn’t look quite like the pictures posted. However, Despite my horror, it was indeed scabies. When the red bumps are squeezed a clear fluid should be seen.

Secondary Infections

Scabies itching is so severe that a person can’t help but scratch to find relief. This can cause raw, bleeding skin which often results in secondary bacterial or fungal infections such as Candidiasis or ring worm.

This only adds to the torture that is scabies.


Because of the severe itching scabies causes at night, people who are infected get very little uninterrupted sleep. The itching causes the person to toss and turn and the rash makes the skin so sensitive that anything touching the skin can irritate it. The warmth of blankets only makes the itching worse so eventually scabies causes people to enter a very sleep deprived existence.

In Conclusion

Luckily scabies is curable so it’s important to get diagnosed as early as possible and begin effective treatments. Scabies treatment is a whole other issue as the scabies mite and eggs are tough little mites. Victory is possible and this site will help you find relief from scabies infestation.

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