I Have Scabies: The Treatment Begins

By | March 21, 2011

So I accepted the fact that a clean, healthy person like me had scabies and I was now armed with my insecticidal lotion prescribed by my doctor.

The doctor told me that I would have to apply the lotion to my entire body and leave it on for 24 hours. I was to wait a week and then repeat this process. I was also instructed to wash all my clothes and bedding in hot water, vacuum, and put things that couldn’t be washed in plastic bags for a couple weeks.

That doesn’t sound too bad, I thought and I was looking forward to getting my life back from this horrible scabies outbreak. I used Malathion lotion to kill the scabies mites and eggs and the lotion was quite smelly. I used the lotion as directed and started to feel slightly better in a few days, but still really itched. I had developed really large raw itching patches on my body and these places where really difficult to heal.

After a week, I was still itching and I repeated the process of applying the lotion. Again, I began to feel better, but a week later I was still itching a getting new scabies bumps. I washed everything and even used Permethrin in the wash. I applied the treatment for a third time and did a few spot treatments when I felt a new scabies pump emerging.

Over three weeks had passed and I was still itching. It was better than before but I couldn’t seem to break the cycle using the insecticides and washing everything. I think it boiled down to the difficulty of killing the scabies eggs. The eggs are far more difficult to kill than what’s reported some places online and without a treatment that could be applied almost daily, I was unable to break the cycle even after 4 full body treatments.

I began to research and try different botanicals to see if there was a more natural/ safe way to treat my scabies outbreak.

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  1. Nina

    My husband was mis-diagnosed twice by my primary care dr!! Be sure to go to a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis!! I could have started treatment a lot sooner if diagnosed properly!!


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