Does Scabies Emit Clear Fluid or Cloudy?

By | February 8, 2012

scabies-fluidBecause there are so many diseases that can effect the skin, Scabies can often be hard to diagnose.

One tell tale sign that the itch is scabies and not some other skin disease is the color of the fluid that can be squeezed out of the rash or bumps.

This fluid can help you and your doctor diagnosis it correctly.

Scabies Produces a Clear Liquid

Your immune system reacts to scabies by surrounding the mite, eggs, and feces with fluid in an attempt to flush it from the body.

Sometimes scabies can be confused with some bacterial infections of the skin. However, the major difference is in this fluid.

When a bacterial infection is squeezed, a cloudy fluid is emitted.

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Proper Diagnosis

I was misdiagnosed because I didn’t specify that the fluid was clear not cloudy. The doctor didn’t ask, but assumed that since I wasn’t in an “at risk” group, my skin disorder was folliculitis a bacterial infection of the hair follicles.

This can be itchy and have similar symptoms, but the major difference is the color of the fluid.

I was put on an antibiotic, which did no good. It wasn’t until I recieved the proper diagnosis, that I could finally treat scabies in a natural way.

If the fluid emitted from your itchy bumps is clear, then you may indeed have scabies.

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