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Can I Use Bleach To Treat Scabies

Yes, this is a natural method to treat scabies as bleach kills scabies mites. The best method as described below is to soak in a bath A couple of points to be aware of Dilute the bleach, DO NOT use bleach straight from the bottle. DO NOT ingest (swallow) bleach Add 750ML (about 3 cups)… Read More »

Neem Oil as a Scabies Remedy

This remedy is derived from the neem tree that grows in India. The tree is part of the mahogany family and has many uses in Indian culture. One of the many uses for the tree is Neem oil which is extracted from the fruit and seeds of the tree. It has over 20 compounds in… Read More »

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Scabies Mites?

Yes, tea tree oil does indeed kill scabies mites but a few precautions should be used with this natural remedy because tea tree oil is toxic to humans even though it is a natural oil. This oil is extracted from the tea tree commonly found in Australia. This oil has amazing antiseptic properties and is… Read More »