10 Steps to Take If You Suspect Scabies

By | August 20, 2011

If you suspect that you have been infected with scabies, then there are certain things that you can do to prevent your scabies infection from getting worse or from spreading it to others.

Scabies can last for months if it is not recognized or treated correctly. No one wants this ordeal to drag on nor do they want anyone else to endure the misery that a scabies outbreak can cause.

Here are some things that you can do to get rid of the scabies infection as quick as possible, keep it from spreding on your body, and to keep from infecting your family with it.

10 Scabies Treatment Tips

  • If you suspect scabies get to a doctor as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment, the sooner you will get well.
  • Avoid scratching the infected areas. Scratching spreads scabies to other parts of your body.
  • Avoid sex if you suspect scabies. Close contact can transmit the mites to others.
  • Avoid close contact with your children as they can be highly susceptible to infection.
  • Don’t share a bed or clothes with others if you think you are infected.
  • Wash all clothes, towels, and bedding in hot water and dry the garments in a hot dryer.
  • Avoid hot showers as this can make the itching worse.
  • Avoid perfumes as they can also make the itching worse.
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment protocol exactly.
  • Supplement your doctor’s treatment with natural remedies.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you don’t suffer with scabies longer than you need to or that you cause anyone else in your family to suffer either. Scabies doesn’t have to be the “7 year itch” if you treat it both aggressively and smartly.

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