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Anyone Can Contract Scabies Mites!

No one was more shocked than me when I was diagnosed with scabies mites. I am a very clean and tidy person, how did I possibly get scabies? In my research I have learned that scabies can infect anyone and I have built this website to teach others about how to determine if someone has… Read More »

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Secrets That Can Heal Scabies Naturally

This  Natural Scabies Treatment Guide is designed to give fellow scabies sufferers effective and easy treatment to get rid of scabies infections in the most natural, healthy way possible and find relief in as little as 24 hours While your doctor will prescribe an insecticidal cream or lotion and the directions say one to two applications… Read More »

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Scabies Fast, Naturally and Permanently

Two Top Home Remedies. Tea Tree Oil for Scabies Treatment Tea tree oil has natural disinfectant and antiseptic properties that can be used on many skin problems. One of the compounds, Terpinen-4, in tea tree oil is the active component that kills Scabies mites. Apply Tea Tree Oil directly to the affected area. Do this… Read More »

Can I Use Bleach To Treat Scabies

Yes, this is a natural method to treat scabies as bleach kills scabies mites. The best method as described below is to soak in a bath A couple of points to be aware of Dilute the bleach, DO NOT use bleach straight from the bottle. DO NOT ingest (swallow) bleach Add 750ML (about 3 cups)… Read More »

Scabies Symptoms and Signs

It can take some time for symptoms to appear this can be from two to six weeks after exposure which usually includes severe and continuous itching. This is more pronounced at night. What does scabies look like? • Scabies lesions can present in different forms. The skin may show signs of small insect-type bites, or… Read More »

Neem Oil as a Scabies Remedy

This remedy is derived from the neem tree that grows in India. The tree is part of the mahogany family and has many uses in Indian culture. One of the many uses for the tree is Neem oil which is extracted from the fruit and seeds of the tree. It has over 20 compounds in… Read More »

Does Scabies Emit Clear Fluid or Cloudy?

Because there are so many diseases that can effect the skin, Scabies can often be hard to diagnose. One tell tale sign that the itch is scabies and not some other skin disease is the color of the fluid that can be squeezed out of the rash or bumps. This fluid can help you and… Read More »

Are Human and Dog Scabies the Same?

If your dog or pet has a lot of contact with other animals then they can catch animal scabies or mange. Just as in humans, these tiny mites borrow in the dog’s skin and cause extreme itching and scratching for your pet. Sometimes if your pets have animal scabies, these mites can cause irritation on… Read More »

How To Clean Your House After a Scabies Infection

Almost just as important as treating your body when diagnosed with scabies is cleaning your house or home environment. If you don’t eliminate the scabies’ mites and eggs from for surroundings, then you will never eliminate them from your body. I have read some places that say eggs can only survive up to a week… Read More »